Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is not a challenge as it seems to many. The more abdominal muscle exercises you do, the more you are likely to get the benefit out of it. One with trim belly has an attractive look and many try too hard to gain the perfect flat belly. Good looks are associated with self confidence and we become conscious when we have to put on trendy clothes. A strict exercise regimen, control over the food that you eat and dedications are all that you require to attain success in losing belly fat. The key is not to get disheartened and do the simple exercises listed below.

Lose that Belly Fat

Take a Walk: Go for a brisk walk. Many wonder how can we lose fat around the belly area when we go for a walk. But, it is proven that when you take a brisk walk you not only tone up leg muscles but also burn fat all over the body. If you can, go for a run as this burns more calories.

Roll up: this simple exercise can be done indoors. Lie on your back. Raise your arms perpendicular to the floor.  Now try to raise the upper half your body and try to touch your heels. Now go back to the original position. Do it for 5 times the first time around. Slowly increase the number of times over the days.

Lifting the Legs (1): Lie on your back. Keep both the hands at your side with palms down. Now lift both the leg slowly till these are at 90 degrees to your hips. Keep this position for a few seconds. Slowly bring both the legs down. Do this for 5 times initially and you can later increase the count.

Lifting the Legs (2): Lie on your back. The posture remains the same as in the previous exercise. Join both the legs together and slowly lift them together only 6 inches from the floor. Keep in this position for a few seconds. Feel the pressure on your abdominal area. Slowly lower the legs to the original position. Do it a few times and increase the number as days go by.

These are simple exercises that can be done at home and you do not require a trainer to do the same. Those of you whom have time to go to gym, please consult the trainers available on specific exercises.
Keep a watch on the food that you eat because food makes you what you are. Never skip a breakfast as you tend to eat more at intervals. Cut down on sugar, fast food and red meat. Go for vegetables and other healthy foods. Eat food cooked preferably in olive oil. Eat sensibly and eat healthy.

Be your own best friend. Complement yourself even if you see a slight improvement. Buy a figure hugging dress and always look at it. That will inspire you to get into shape.

Start doing the exercises today. Start today. Get going and get into shape.

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